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Felines have feelings too! As the Fourth of July gets nearer, it’s important that you know dogs aren’t the only ones freaked out by fireworks. Us cats aren’t all too happy with them either. Distress, fear, and anxiety are all common problems that we cats experience and the Fourth of July exacerbates it all. In this article, I go over CBDs benefits and how they can help your pet family members this Fourth of July!

CBD and your Feline Friends

Fireworks are both triggering and stressful for us cats. Cats associate loud noises with danger so the sudden loud sounds tell our instincts to run. This is why many cats and dogs escape during the Fourth of July. If you are having trouble coming up with a solution, look no further! CBD has helped calm me down during loud Fireworks as well as on a day-to-day basis and I am here to spread the word. Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a substance derived from the cannabis plant that produces calming effects. It is about to change your pet’s life! 

Vena’s CBD Soft Chews for Pets 

Products like Vena’s CBD Soft Chews help us animals relax with a soothing combination of CBD, valerian root, and organic chamomile. These soft chews contain no THC or the psychoactive element of the cannabis plant. CBD Soft Chews from Vena provides 60 delicious bacon-flavored chews. Dogs aren’t the only ones who like bacon! Each chew contains 5mg of CBD Isolate, for a total of 300mg of CBD in each package.  Treating us to a delicious snack that helps calm our nerves can benefit all of us! Check out my favorite ingredients found in the tasty chews below - 

Chamomile - Chamomile is an all-star herb that lends its calming qualities to these relaxing chews. Chamomile soothes animals because it contains a special antioxidant called apigenin which promotes calmness.

Hemp Seed Powder - Believe it or not, cats love superfoods. Hemp seed powder is a nutritious ingredient that’s rich in omega fatty acids and proteins. 

Valerian Root - Valerian Root is an herb often used to help with disrupted sleep patterns. It has mild, natural sedative qualities so it works well with the other ingredients to help relax your animal.

CBD - Vena’s CBD is the icing on the cake in this tasty treat! The calming effects of CBD are just what I need on the Fourth of July.

Tips and Tricks

The goal this Fourth of July is to enjoy your cookout instead of worrying about your frightened kitty! I put together some quick tips below that will help you help your cat (or other animals) stay cool, calm, and collected. 

  • Start small! 5mg of CBD  isolate (one Vena chew) is an ideal dose for most average-sized cats. Vena recommends doses based on your animal’s weight and size. 

  • When you give your cat CBD, make sure it is formulated for animals, not humans. The internal endocrine systems of humans and animals differ, so inherently the dosage will differ as well. 

  • While sometimes there may be THC in CBD Oil, it is important that CBD chews given to your animal are THC-free. 

  • The best way to determine if your product is safe is a COA or certificate of analysis. Look out for CBD companies who provide these transparent lab results, which prove products are pesticide-free and THC-free, where applicable. 

Purrrrrfect Fourth of July

Even though cats like our space, we love you unconditionally. Whether warming your hearts with our playful antics or snuggling up on your lap with a soothing purr, you love your kitty friends! So please save us from firework anxiety this Fourth of July. Consider using Vena’s CBD Calming chews to soothe your furry friends during loud fireworks and for general discomfort and anxiety. When your cat is calm and happy, you are too. 

Have a question? Don’t ask me, ask Vena! Leave a question or comment below, or reach out to Vena directly at

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    Full spectrum CBD is a wonderful product. It tastes great and it makes you relax and go to sleep easily. I’ve been taking this product now for a few months and I really see an improvement in my overall health and less pain.

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