Wing Woman – CBD Capsules for Monthly Cycle Support

CBD & Women's Menstrual Health

It’s the time of the month. You know your cycle like the back of your hand. Hey, it usually comes on Thursdays, right? The truth is, everyone is different. But you know what isn’t so different - the levels of discomfort such a large percentage of us women experience during our monthly cycles. You can say that again. 


Some days our menstrual cramps have us balled up in bed, and we reach for the heating pad and microwave ramen. Other days, when we have to take on the world and tough it out at work through the pain, we might need an extra shoulder to lean on. 


Like a girlfriend being there for her girlfriend, we wanted to create a product that would be there for our lovely and powerful woman warriors taking on those days of the month that are just that much harder to conquer. Hello your new sidekick and friend to lean on when you deserve it most, Wing Woman.

How Wing Woman Has Your Back

So let’s talk - what makes a wing woman a great one? Well, first off she eases you through things when they feel tough. Vena's Wing Woman CBD Monthly Support Capsules contain natural cramp bark, which as the name could serve as a giveaway, is used for relieving muscle cramps


Valerian, another ingredient in our Wing Woman capsules, was purposefully blended in with our very intentional love because of how much we adore it. Valerian is an herb, one that has earned notoriety for its ability to aid in improving sleep, reducing stress, and soothing menopausal discomfort. Yep, through menopause! 


Wing Woman was created and formulated with powerful ingredients proven to support you through your entire cycle. According to Registered Herbalist RH (AHG), Rosalee de la Forêt of Herbal Remedies Advice, research has shown that Valerian’s relaxing effects result in decreased muscle tension and diminished pain relating to that tension. Valerian is there for you like your wing woman, through your entire cycle. Tamra Judge’s daughter was the inspiration behind Wing Woman. 


Women seeing other women sharing the same kind of monthly discomfort brings us together, we make jokes about it because we all know that familiar feeling of suffering! 


Now, for our strong and powerful women (even if we don’t feel like we fit the part some days), there is no way we could leave out your body’s secret weapon to support you as best possible - iron. Why is iron important? Iron is the mineral that helps red blood cells carry oxygen in from your lungs to every other cell in your body. It also plays a large part in many of your body’s other words, iron is your support! We hope you’re starting to feel the heart we’ve put into this product for you, with you in mind. We wanted for you to have your very own wing woman, so Wing Woman capsules were born.


Vitamin & Minerals Which Assist Your Monthly Cycle


Packed and glowing with essential vitamins and ingredients, Wing Woman capsules are designed to flourish inside of your body. What we put into our bodies, and what you put into yours, matters to us. Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Vitamin B6 all provide nourishment to support you in just the right way your body needs during your monthly cycle. The combination of these natural and powerful ingredients with CBD oil come together to create the perfect arsenal for those tough days of the month. CBD has shown promising evidence to aid in reducing inflammation and pain relief. What more could you ask for during your cycle? Never fear. Wing Woman to the rescue. 

More on Our Wing Woman CBD Capsules


Vena's Wing Woman Monthly Support Capsules were made to be convenient for you when you need support the most. Each bottle contains 30 Wing Woman capsules. Each capsule contains 25 milligrams of CBD, totaling 750 milligrams of CBD per bottle. So when you’re getting ready for that first day, and first set of cramps, take 2 Wing Woman capsules with a snack or meal (preferably a high-fat one to optimize bioavailability and absorption) and get ready to conquer the day. 


Tell your boss you can make it in early, you’ve got this. Save the ice cream and being balled up in a blanket for another day. We are so happy we could create a product for our cherished and powerful ladies trooping onwards in the day through discomfort. We get you! Take a deep breath, your sidekick is here for you now to reach for and lean on. Wing Woman’s main goal is to help ease menstrual symptoms while replenishing lost nutrients. Period.


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    Hi I am a youthful 51 work out regularly and eat a healthy diet (except rosé). Menopause Is taking it’s toll on my sleep! Also the hot flashes are becoming more frequent as wing woman the best product for me and how would I use that consistently throughout the month?

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