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Vena is a women-led company developing simple solutions that have big impacts on your well-being. We believe in your right to sustainable vitality, and we exist to support your pursuit of healthy longevity.

Through purposeful innovation we remove barriers, reduce stressors, and utilize powerful and unique elements of both nature and science to deliver products that will empower you to experience well-being.

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Vena was co-founded in 2019 by Bravo celebrity, Tamra Judge, who - amidst the chaos of being a mother, wife, entrepreneur, and person living with an auto-immune disease - was seeking simple, clean solutions for better health and balance. Not satisfied with what was in the market, Tamra turned to emerging ingredient hemp for its wealth of wellness benefits and Vena was born.
Still deeply rooted in hemp, Vena has grown into a holistic wellness brand led by women who innovate to deliver improvements to derma, physical, and mental vitality via unique ingredients inclusive of and beyond hemp. Mirroring many of the traits of our co-founder, we care loyally for our customers, take a no-bullshit approach to quality and transparency, and educate consumers on the health benefits of fusing nature and science in a relatable and accessible manner.
At Vena, our mission is simple: to remove barriers, reduce stressors and deliver products that will enable our community to truly experience well-being.