Why CBD Is Helpful for Working Out & Recovery

Working Out and CBD Oil

When on a journey to personal wellness, exercise typically takes a high priority. And as beautiful, real humans – we are all very unique in our own ways. Some of us were born with a natural drive to move, sweat, and get our heart rates up. 

Some of us struggle with it taking every ounce of motivation before we can get ourselves to the gym. Others lie somewhere in between, and some of us simply find we need to incorporate fun activities into exercise so that we don’t even realize we’re doing it – like hiking. 

Whatever your personality type may be, and wherever you may be at in your wellness journey, we all recognize the importance of physical exercise for our health. CBD has gained a growing and loyal following in the world of fitness, a culture that is saturated with advertisements for supplements like proteins, fat burners, and pre-workouts. 

So, what exactly is it about CBD that makes it perfect for a person who exercises to incorporate into their routine? 

To answer this question, it is important that we first understand that there are benefits to using CBD both before and after a workout:

  • Studies demonstrate that CBD is a vasorelaxant, which means that it relaxes your vascular system, allowing blood to flow through your veins and arteries more effortlessly. 
  • The reason that this is beneficial for anyone to take before exercising is so that blood can then more easily carry oxygen throughout the entire body.
  • Interestingly enough, CBD has also shown promising results in reducing blood pressure, meaning your workout will feel easier to crush for longer, before hitting that familiar wall of fatigue. Oh, yeah – that one isn’t fun. 

Vena’s CBD Oil Tincture or CBD Gel Capsules are both number-one options for pre and post-workout, depending on your preferred method of consumption. 

Doesn’t it sound amazing to have more free-flowing blood and oxygen rushing through your body for your workout? This is precisely why CBD is a wonderful addition to a pre-workout routine. 

However, there is another major reason CBD has earned such a hyped-up following in the world of exercise. 

Post Workout Recovery and CBD

Every single person reading this has been in this situation: you start going to the gym with a fire-burning motivation that’s so intense you feel like you could flip a bus, you successfully smash your workout in the gym...and then you wake up in excruciating pain. Those sore muscles can really put you down for the count! 

You will be delighted to discover that CBD is absolutely cherished by athletes, hikers, yogis, gym-rats and beyond for the purposes of post-workout muscle recovery. CBD has been helping countless people working out with reducing the severity of their sore muscles. To get a better idea of this, it’s best to understand first why we get sore muscles after we work out. When we workout, our muscles experience tiny micro-tears in our muscle fibers. 

This is not necessarily a bad thing – as these micro-tears heal together, new muscle is built! However, regardless of how microscopic these tears are, it still is a form of inflammation, which is the unpleasant soreness we experience post-workout for the days following. 

While consuming CBD internally (like with a tincture) is a great option for overall post-workout recovery, pinpointing targeted sore areas with a topical like our Vena CBD Cooling Cream is another highly-preferred method for benefiting from CBD. With our Cooling Cream, quick relief is brought on by a cooling sensation and problem areas of pain can easily be targeted to reduce inflammation in that area. 

One of CBD’s most celebrated benefits is its ability to reduce inflammation, which is why you hear so much success in users who turn to CBD for muscle or joint aches and pains that come from inflammatory conditions. It is no surprise then that athletes have found use in reducing the inflammation that comes post-workout. 

CBD increases post-workout recovery time by reducing the inflammation that allows your muscle fibers to recover more quickly. Forbes has highlighted the fact that CBD’s capabilities to enhance fitness and boost post-workout recovery has become so widely acknowledged that the most major national fitness centers carry CBD products. Before you go shopping off of shelves, it is absolutely essential that you research trusted brands. 

At Vena, we pride ourselves in transparency and share all of our lab results on our website. The Vena promise is to put you first, always.

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