Introducing Vena Happy Place THC Mocktails To Elevate Your Evenings

If you are ready to take your life to the next level and choose a better option for getting your nightly drink cap in without the hangovers, try the new Vena Happy Place Mocktails. 

Happy Place is providing a new THC mocktail that brings a fast acting smooth and blissful experience. 

It's also a unique beverage with different flavors and distinct compounds for an enjoyable journey.

Let’s explore the new Vena Happy Place Mocktails!

What Are Vena Happy Place THC Mocktails? 

Vena Happy Place Mocktails is an expansion of the Happy Place drink line, which includes THC seltzers. 

Naturally sweetened with Stevia, Vena’s Happy Place Mocktails also contain three distinct flavors that take you to a happy place after consuming 1 to 3 cans of the delicious THC-infused mocktail. 

They also have an infusion of THC, CBD, CBG, and CBN within the drink line and are delightful beverages you can drink during your chill times at home or with friends. Each beverage contains about 2 mg of each compound infusion for a soothing buzz. 

After drinking a can of these mocktails, you feel refreshed and ready to take on the day with new energy. They’re even a good alternative to alcoholic beverages with all the buzzing sensations and without all the negative effects of alcohol. 

There’s nothing like kicking back and relaxing with a cold Vena Happy Place THC mocktail. 

Get ready for an impactful experience!

Tasty Flavors Of Vena Happy Place Mocktails

Vena Happy Place Mocktails has Margarita, Citrus Spritz, and Mojito flavors for a delicious experience. 

Margarita Flavor Profile

The margarita provides a lime flavoring similar to a regular margarita without any alcohol.

Citrus Spritz Flavor Profile

Citrus delivers an orange zesty flavor like eating a slice of orange in a compact beverage that lifts you. 

Mojito Flavor Profile

Mojito gives off a sweet, citrus, and mint flavor, just like an alcoholic mojito beverage. But you can feel at ease knowing it won’t provide the same alcoholic buzz!

THC-infused mocktails offer a way to elevate your mood during good times while providing a selection of flavors. 


You won’t need to worry about the caloric level of these THC mocktails! They have about 15 calories within each can, which makes it easy for you to drink guilt-free. 

Benefits of Vena Happy Place THC Mocktails

The benefits of Vena Happy Place THC Mocktails can push you on the edge of getting them and sharing them with all your friends to experience a fun evening! 

Here are some of the benefits: 

  • No-Hangovers: You feel free from hangovers in the morning after drinking a mocktail that actually leaves you feeling refreshed.
  • Brings You To Your Happy Place: The THC-infused mocktail drink brings you back to your happy place and elevates your mind.
  • Total Relaxation: When drinking THC mocktails, a heavyweight comes over your body, which makes you have a relaxing experience. 
  • Good Night’s Rest: THC mocktails are a great way to get some zzz’s at night that can alter your state of mind. 

These benefits are a snapshot you get after drinking Vena Happy Place Mocktails. They bring you to another level to feel socially available during fun times. 

How They’re Different Than THC Seltzers

How are they different from THC seltzers? Well, they have fewer calories and contain different flavors than the Happy Place line of seltzers. 

A can of beverage gives you 15 calories versus 40 calories in the THC seltzers. However, they both have the same cannabinoids of THC, CBD, CBN, and CBG in the beverages. 

A fun fact about cannabinoids is they bind to the body's receptors, providing beneficial properties. When you’re feeling a soothing buzz, it’s the receptors working their magic inside! 

Why Should You Drink It? 

You should drink Vena Happy Place Mocktails for those casual and upbeat occasions. You can also consider drinking it if you want a non-alcoholic alternative to vibe out after a long workday.  

Don’t let us tell you about it. Hear from our latest mocktail-raving fans!

“Zero hangovers, zero sugar! The margarita is my absolute favorite flavor. I'm going to sign up for a subscription so I can sip these after work every day!!”

“ZERO SUGAR! Amazing taste for something with zero sugar! I loved Vena's original Happy Place and I'm so glad I can try these Skinny Mocktails!!”

“No sugar and only 15 calories! I have been using Sound Asleep for over 3 weeks now. It works better than any medication I have received from my doctor. I get a good night's sleep and feel well-rested the next morning.”

If you want to experience a better alternative or try something new, check out our Vena Happy Place Mocktails!

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