• How to Support Your Immune System During Stressful Times

    It has been a stressful year for everyone. With a global pandemic, renewed focus on social justice, and an election year, your immune system may be taking a hit. Now, more than ever, protecting your immune system is critical!  Vena is all about whole body health, and supporting your immun... View Post
  • What does the 2018 Farm Bill mean for the CBD Industry?

    You may have heard that the 2018 amendment to the Farm Bill made CBD legal throughout the United States, but what does this mean for you and your CBD consumption? We review the status of the Farm Bill so you can feel confident that you have all the information about the legislation of your produc... View Post
  • Core vs Blends

    Vena’s top-quality CBD products fall into two categories: Core: daily doses of essential products, and Blends: boosters with added functions.  View Post

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