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  • Navigating Your Summer Travel: How to Avoid Jet Lag

    When jet lag sets in, it is no joke! You’re all geared up for the first day of your trip when you wake up and can’t seem to get out of bed. How can you make adjusting to new time zones simpler? While steering clear of jet lag completely isn’t possible, there are many ways you can reduce its effects. In this article, we discuss ways to avoid jet lag, allowing you to enjoy your vacation to its maximum potential!  View Post
  • How to Support Your Immune System During Stressful Times

    It has been a stressful year for everyone. With a global pandemic, renewed focus on social justice, and an election year, your immune system may be taking a hit. Now, more than ever, protecting your immune system is critical!  Vena is all about whole body health, and supporting your immune system... View Post
  • Next Level Self Care - CBD Soaking Salts

    CBD Soaking Salts - Everything You Need to Know Have you heard of CBD Soaking Salts? Level up your bath-time with a relaxing combination of detoxification, restoration, and aromatherapy. Soaking Salts are an increasingly popular way to benefit from the properties of CBD without ingesting orally.... View Post
  • Wing Woman – CBD Capsules for Monthly Cycle Support

    CBD & Women's Menstrual Health It’s the time of the month. You know your cycle like the back of your hand. Hey, it usually comes on Thursdays, right? The truth is, everyone is different. But you know what isn’t so different - the levels of discomfort such a large percentage of us women experi... View Post

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