Wing Woman – Natural Menstrual Cycle Pain Relief

It’s that time of the month again. Just imagine: it’s Thursday, and your cycle always starts up on Thursday. With it comes cramps, mood swings, and general feelings of bleh. 


Could there be a way out? Maybe. We created Wing Woman specifically to help you get through the hardest parts of your period. We think you’ll find her a perfect sidekick for those moments when you need relief most! 

How Wing Woman Has Your Back

Let’s get into the details. What exactly does Wing Woman do? 

First and foremost, Wing Woman’s Monthly Support Capsules are designed to relieve period cramps. 

Their star ingredient is something called Levagen+® PEA. If you haven’t heard of PEA before, you might want to check it out! Also known as palmitoylethanolamide, PEA is a natural fatty acid produced by your body. Supplementing with PEA can nourish your body’s endocannabinoid system (sound familiar?). 

Levagen(R)+ PEA is a special form of PEA that has superior absorption and has been clinically proven to relieve aches and pain. Studies show that PEA may relieve inflammation, leading to less period pain and more of the real you. And because your body already produces PEA, supplementing with it is unlikely to cause any unwanted side effects. 

Wing Woman also contains cramp bark. This time-tested ingredient has been shown to alleviate period pain. [1]


Tamra Judge’s daughter was the inspiration behind Wing Woman. With us, period pain is personal! Women seeing other women sharing the same kind of monthly discomfort is something that brings us together. 

How to Use Wing Woman

Vena's Wing Woman Monthly Support Capsules were made to be convenient for you when you need support the most. Each bottle contains 30 Wing Woman capsules. 

So when you’re getting ready for that first day, and first set of cramps, take 1 capsule daily, up to 3 days before the start of your cycle. It doesn't need to be with a meal.


Tell your boss you can make it in early…tell yourself you’ve got this. Save the ice cream and dependency on blankets for another day. And don’t forget to take a deep breath. Your sidekick is here for you now to reach for and lean on. 

Wing Woman’s main goal is to help ease menstrual symptoms — period. Daily use during and between menstrual cycles can lead to a reduction in overall pain.


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    Hi I am a youthful 51 work out regularly and eat a healthy diet (except rosé). Menopause Is taking it’s toll on my sleep! Also the hot flashes are becoming more frequent as wing woman the best product for me and how would I use that consistently throughout the month?

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