Vena Happy Place THC Drink from The Jeff Lewis Chumps Happy Hour

Jeff Lewis is a celebrity real estate tycoon, reality TV star, and uber-prolific house flipper. 

Why would that be relevant to your life?

Because the desire to feel balanced and uplifted is a central part of the human condition. If Happy Place THC Drinks & Skinny Mocktails can help someone as busy as Jeff Lewis destress and access higher vibes, they can definitely help you!

Keep reading to learn more about Happy Place THC Seltzers — all from the perspective of Jeff Lewis.  

  • Who is Jeff Lewis?
  • What is Vena’s Happy Place?
  • Happy Place: what the people are saying

Who is Jeff Lewis?

On Friday Jeff will be talking about Vena’s Happy Place Drink on SiriusXM’s Jeff Lewis channel. As always, Jeff kicks off the weekend with Chumps Happy Hour Show! This Show gives Jeff’s followers to see what he’s been up to, latest rants and rambling sessions included. 

But let’s back up and rewind a little bit. Who is Jeff Lewis, even? Here’s a slightly longer overview. 

Jeff Lewis was born and raised in Orange County and was flipping properties before he learned how to walk. (That’s only a slight exaggeration, as he’s been flipping for over 20 years!) 

All this experience has yielded an iconoclastic approach that shines in terms of both interior and exterior design. Jeff’s approach has earned him numerous awards and features on shows like Flipping Out, Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis, Hollywood Houselift, and The Real Housewives of Orange County.

But what’s the connection between Jeff and Vena, you may ask? Good question. Jeff is a longtime friend of our cofounder, Tamra Judge. Tamra is the person who introduced Jeff to CBD in the first place! 

One of Jeff’s first experiences with CBD came in the form of our sleep-centric Capsules. "I slept really, really well [afterward]," Jeff attested. 

Fast forward to 2023, and Jeff is all about an even more powerful hemp-derived product: Happy Place

Why Vena’s Happy Place THC Drink?

While CBD itself is pretty dang amazing, Happy Place THC Seltzers take its benefits several quantum leaps further. As their name implies, they don’t just contain CBD. They also contain a solid dose of hemp-derived THC! 

This CBD+THC blend is further amplified by CBG and CBN. The full active ingredients list looks like this:

  • CBD: 2 mg
  • THC: 2 mg
  • CBG: 2 mg
  • CBN: 2 mg

 Happy Place Seltzers also set themselves apart by what’s not in them. You won’t find any artificial colors or flavors here, and each Can contains only 40 calories! 

Happy Place is designed to help you reach your own personal happy place (who would’ve thought, right?): a place of balance, centeredness, sociability, creativity, and upliftment. 

To put it super simply, Happy Place is designed to recreate the best effects of alcohol — all while being free from hangovers and other unwanted side effects. Say goodbye to:

  • Hangxiety 
  • Dehydration
  • Alcohol-induced aging

. . . and say hello to holistically good vibes! Happy Place’s vibes evolve the more you drink, similar to what you’d experience with your favorite cocktail: 

  • Drink 1 Can to get refreshed, relaxed, and chill
  • Drink 2 Cans to get bubbly, buzzed, and uplifted
  • Drink 3 Cans for fun, creativity, and euphoria!

Happy Place THC Drink: what the people are saying

Jeff Lewis and Tamra love Happy Place’s delicious flavors. Available in grapefruit, black cherry, and guava passionfruit. 

But don’t just take it from us — here’s what people are saying about Happy Place. 

Kristina says Happy Place is her new favorite campfire drink:

“Love this seltzer. No skunky taste but all of the benefits of low-dose THC. Feel relaxed and calm after one. I sleep well after having a happy place and don’t wake up feeling awful or with a headache.”

Mary loves the taste and destressing effects:

“Love these drinks! They taste fantastic and 1 is just right for taking the edge off the day. Another great product from Vena :)”

John describes the flavor profiles as counterintuitive, but is a huge fan nonetheless:

“I recently purchased the variety pack. Surprisingly, what I imagined would be my favorite (passion fruit) was my least favorite, while what I thought would be my least favorite (black cherry) was my favorite! The grapefruit is pretty good too. But do note, these do sort of have that hemp taste you get with the full spectrum gummies.

I’ll tell you, these sneak up on you when you least expect [it]. They are great for relaxation and happy times, without the hangover you get from a hard seltzer with alcohol. I actually find them more potent than some of the gummies, even though the THC content is only 2mg/can. But perhaps that’s just me. I’d buy again! If you’re on the fence, try it! Love Vena, love Tamra (glad she isn’t on pause anymore), and Eddie too!”

Summing things up

Your life may not be quite as hectic or high-profile as Jeff Lewis’s — and it doesn’t have to be. As we alluded to earlier, you don’t have to be a real estate tycoon to benefit from a little bit of all-natural recentering! 

You can benefit from Happy Place whether you’re a teacher, accountant, pro athlete, or stay-at-home mom. Why? Because you’re human — a human who deserves to feel their best.  

Feel your best with Happy Place THC Seltzer!

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