• Navigating Your Summer Travel: How to Avoid Jet Lag

    When jet lag sets in, it is no joke! You’re all geared up for the first day of your trip when you wake up and can’t seem to get out of bed. How can you make adjusting to new time zones simpler? While steering clear of jet lag completely isn’t possible, there are many ways you can reduce its effects. In this article, we discuss ways to avoid jet lag, allowing you to enjoy your vacation to its maximum potential!  View Post
  • Getting the Most Out of Your Summer Travel: How Travel Affects Sleep

    Whether you need a last-minute getaway from the hustle and grind of life or have been planning a family vacation for the past year, travel can be an absolute blessing. Though travel can be rejuvenating, relaxing, and just plain fun, it can be exhausting at times. One important aspect of making the most of your trip is to get plenty of quality sleep. In this article, we discuss how travel affects sleep and what CBD can do to help. View Post