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I keep my skincare routine simple, and this collection reflects that. Each product is clean, easy to use, and effective in improving your skin's overall health and appearance.

I used Daily HY for a month and my skin has NEVER LOOKED BETTER. It truly hydrates your skin - so much that my husband asked me if I had gotten some botox! HYLY recommend!!

We like our skincare like we like our friendships: non-toxic.

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Love the Hy Collection! It's a simple 2 step daily routine (serum and moisturizer) and a mask 2x a week. My skin feels soft and hydrated. It's also helped my under eye puffiness.


Studies show that CBD may help soothe, hydrate, and regulate your skin. Users say it’s helped their skin get back that youthful glow. A better question might be…why not include CBD in your skincare routine?

Most of our CBD Skincare products are designed to be taken everyday. (If not we’ll let you know.)

You sure can! CBD skincare products don’t really count toward your daily CBD intake, so be sure to keep using those Night Bites or Tinctures.