Bravo's Real Housewives of Orange County & CBD Gummies

Tamra Judge is back….in more ways than one.

This past summer it was announced that Tamra will be making a return to The Real Housewives of Orange County for season 17. This came as a surprise to some fans — the Vena CBD co-founder left RHOC for good (or so we thought!) in 2020 after 12 seasons on the show. 

The announcement was made during an episode of Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live. "The Judge is back,” she proclaimed, “and drama is in session."

Cohen, an executive producer for Real Housewives, confirmed the news then and there. "Ladies and gentlemen, it's true. Tamra Judge is returning to The Real Housewives of Orange County [...]. Welcome back, Tamra."

Tamra Judge: CBD Connoisseur?

You might be thinking that Tamra Judge is one of those public figures that indiscriminately puts her name on third-party products just to make a profit. 

But that couldn’t be much further from the truth. “In [a] day and age where so many ‘Housewives’ have just been slapping their name on other people’s products, that’s not the case with us,” Tamra told Page Six News back in 2019. “[Vena] is 100% our company.”

For this Real Housewives star, CBD is personal — and it always has been. Even the name of her CBD company points to how this plant compound has helped Tamra and her husband get through his struggles with heart problems:

“[The name] Vena comes from Eddie’s heart condition. Vena Cava is the full name. And basically, the vena cava is the two major banks that drive blood into your heart. So that’s why we’re very heart-driven.”

Tamra uses CBD too, of course. She says it helps her with confidence, clarity, and creativity. But more on that next! 

How does Tamra Judge Use CBD?

Below are three of Tamra’s favorite ways to use CBD. 

1. Rise and Shine

“The first thing I do when I wake up is take a full dropper of our 3,000mg Tincture,” Tamra explains on Vena’s About page. For those who don’t know, that’s 100 milligrams of CBD! Tamra treats her CBD Tincture like a sublingual by holding it under her tongue for 45 seconds before swallowing. Taking CBD this way improves its bioavailability and actually allows it to kick in faster

Tamra says this morning ritual gives her a much-needed boost, providing the “confidence and clarity I need to get through my day.” 

2. Recovery Power

If you’ve followed Tamra for any amount of time, you’ll know she’s super passionate about staying fit. She’s said in the past that the gym is “probably [my] second favorite place in the world, after my home of course.”

But the physical and mental benefits of exercise can come with side effects: notably muscle soreness. “Even though I work out daily, I still get sore,” she explains. “Our 750mg Cooling Cream is my go-to to ease my sore muscles and support my recovery so that I can get up tomorrow and do it all again.”

3. Natural Glow

Vena first introduced CBD-infused skincare products in 2021. According to Tamra, it was a long time in the making. 

“I knew early on when Eddie and I started Vena that CBD skincare would be an area that I wanted to expand the brand,” she told New Beauty last year. “I’ve always wanted to bring a CBD skincare line to market, but I didn’t rush it because I know I had to do it right. I took my time, went through multiple rounds of development, and ultimately ended up with formulas that we really felt worked and that would provide noticeable benefits to people’s skin without using harsh chemicals or ingredients.”

One of Tamra’s favorite CBD products? Her Miracle Manuka Multi-Use Cream. This cream combines the power of ultra-pure Manuka honey with our ultra-premium CBD to provide truly miraculous hydration. Tamra says the product’s calming effect means it pairs great with retinol. 

Final thoughts

CBD is personal for Tamra and Eddie Judge — and it shows in the quality of the products they make. 

Whether you’re a die-hard RHOC fan, a health/wellness enthusiast, or both, Tamra’s Vena CBD line probably has something for you. Check it out now if you haven’t already! 

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