• PSA From the Pets *from the Cat*

    As the Fourth of July gets nearer, it’s important that you know dogs aren’t the only ones freaked out by fireworks. Us cats aren’t all too happy with them either. Distress, fear, and anxiety are all common problems that we cats experience and the Fourth of July exacerbates it all. In this article, I go over CBDs benefits and how they can help your pet family members this Fourth of July! View Post
  • PSA From the Pets *from the dog*

    IT’S COMING! Fourth of July that is. Which means FIREWORKS. RUN! Oh wait, they haven’t started yet. Hi, I’m your dog! It’s nice to finally have a voice. As the Fourth of July is just around the corner, I am here to let you know how to keep us calm during those pesky fireworks so you can enjoy your barbecue. In this article, I bark about CBD and how it can help your doggo family members this Fourth of July and beyond. View Post
  • How to Build & Maintain a Strong Immune System

    Just because we are leaving quarantine behind us, doesn’t mean we are leaving behind all of our quarantine practices. As we make our way outside, holding on to some of the health and safety practices we refined during quarantine might be just what we need. Keeping the immune system strong is a great habit to form! In this article, we discuss immune support in a post-covid world and how CBD can help. View Post
  • The CBD Gift Guide for Cool Dads

    This Father’s day we want to give a huge shout-out to all the dads out there holding it down for their family. While there’s nothing wrong with another “World’s Best Dad” mug, many of us want to give our patriarch something that will make his life better. We think hard-working dads deserve some self-care and serenity too! In this article, we explore the perfect CBD gifts to show your dad how much you care.  View Post