Core vs Blends in CBD

Vena’s top-quality CBD products fall into two categories: Core: daily doses of essential products, and Blends: boosters with added functions. 

Core and blend products can be taken as a pair if you’d like an extra kick of CBD, or separately based on your preference. Think of Core as your daily vitamin, meant to be consumed on the regular in order to maximize long term health benefits. CBD impacts your endocannabinoid receptors and is often recommended for daily consumption for the best results to reduce inflammation and maximize relaxation. Our line of Core products all offer pure CBD isolate. They vary based on method of consumption, so play around to find the method that is right for you. If you prefer to add CBD to your morning coffee or place it right under your tongue, a Tincture may be right for you. If you love a sweet lemon treat, try the daily CBD bites.

Blends offer all the benefits of Core, but with additional targeted functions to get you through your day (or night!). Blends combine pure CBD isolate with additional herbal supplements to improve your wellness journey when you need a little something extra. These powerhouses are usually consumed on occasion in place of or with your Core products. If you have trouble sleeping, the peaceful Restful Night Capsules offer a combination of melatonin, magnesium and CBD to help you fall asleep quickly and stay asleep longer. If you want to ease your menstrual cycle while replenishing lost nutrients, Wing Woman offers a combination of Iron, Valerian Root, Cramp bark, and CBD to support your health. We are always here to guide you on your wellness journey, check out our options of Core and Blend products below.


Our Core line of products is designed for everyday use and whole body health. These options are pure CBD isolate, always THC free, vegan, pesticide free and GMO free. Choose the method that works best for you!

CBD Tincture

Tasteless. Scentless. Flawless. Our number one CBD Oil unites MCT Coconut Oil with 99% CBD Isolate allowing you to enjoy this formulation in a range of ways from sublingually to adding it to your favorite morning mixture.

CBD Gel Capsules

Take the stress out of consistent self care with these fixed serving sized capsules

CBD Bites

Each Bite is bursting with mouthwatering lemon flavor and 25mg of CBD.


CBD Blends combine our pure CBD with added functions to boost your wellness journey. These supplements support you when you need a lil' something extra. Vena Blends can be taken in addition to or in place of Vena Core products.

Wing Woman

Packed full of Mother Nature’s best ingredients like Iron, Valerian Root, Cramp bark, and CBD, Wing Woman helps ease menstrual symptoms while replenishing lost nutrients. Period.

Restful Night

 These capsules combine the powers of melatonin, magnesium and CBD to help you fall asleep quickly and stay asleep longer.

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