How to Recharge Your Batteries. (We're Not Talking About Your Phone.)


Do you ever feel drained from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? You are not alone. Queen Oprah once said, “If you neglect to recharge a battery, it dies. And if you run full speed ahead without stopping for water, you lose momentum to finish the race.” In our high speed world, there is a lot of pressure to be in constant motion even when we don’t have the capacity to do so. 

Running on Empty

Just like when your phone's battery is low you switch it to battery saving mode, your brain and body do the same. When you are exhausted, you start running on low. This might show up in your productivity levels or with communication issues. 

It is vital for your whole body health to make sure your internal batteries are charged up and ready to take on the world! Recharging is one of the most proactive things you can do for yourself and is an important component of self-love. 

Recharging with Self-love

Self-love is all about YOU! It is a state of appreciation for yourself that grows from actions that support your growth. Allowing yourself the care that you need is a huge part of engaging in self-love. Everyone gets depleted, but what drains us is unique and different for each and every one of us. In this article, we offer various ways to recharge and get your energy back on track.


Ways to Recharge

If you are able to, take that vacation! We all get vacation days at work, and yet many people rarely use them. Taking time off from the hustle of your job is important and you should try to commit to taking time off periodically throughout the year so that your mental health and physical health can get a break. That being said, sometimes a spa week in Bora Bora just isn’t in the cards, but you can still get a mental and physical getaway without going on an expensive trip. Here are some less extravagant ways to recharge your inner batteries and get the relief you need.

Give it a Rest

Here at Vena, we seriously value sleep! Rest is such an important part of self-love and the absolute best way to get rest is to get proper sleep at night. If you are struggling with your sleep schedule, get some tips and tricks here. We love Vena's Restful Night Capsules, a great isolate option that blends CBD with Melatonin and Magnesium to support a healthy sleep cycle.

Go on a Walk

Many of us are parked at a desk Monday through Friday and it can be easier than you think to forget to take some time away from the computer. All that sitting can start to slow down your mind and put your body in a funk. Going on a walk (or doing some light cardio) can help get things moving in your body and get you out of your head! Walking has shown to have positive effects on mental and physical wellness. Also, it’s a nice change of scenery for your eyes to look at flowers and trees than your computer screen. Trust us, it works. 

Take a Bath

A hot bath can help your muscles, joints and bones. Not to mention, it can make you feel like you’re at a spa without having to leave your front door. Bath time at Vena looks like a long bath with calming chamomile soaking salts and then soothing the skin with manuka honey moisturizer. Don’t have a tub? We’ve all been there. Showers can be just as luxurious and relaxing, and sometimes the pressure of the water can feel like a much needed massage for sore muscles. Fun fact: our Soaking Salts can even be used as a body scrub so you can enjoy the calming or revitalizing scents and benefits with or without a tub. Self-care rituals for the win!

Fresh Air

According to one Harvard Medical School study, people in the U.S. spend 90% of time sitting inside. Yikes! It’s time to opt-outside whenever you can and get some fresh air. Being outside will increase vitamin D levels and sunlight tends to elevate people's moods. Nature has a profound way of helping us recharge our batteries - wherever you are in the world, try and get out there and take it in! 

Try Something New

Whatever part of your brain is working overtime - give it a rest. Sitting in front of a screen all day? Take a painting class or get creative with a coloring book. Lots of client-facing work? Pack a solo picnic for yourself and unwind. Life is filled with so many different opportunities and experiences - getting out of your comfort zone could actually be the motivating energy that you need. 

Treat Yourself

What does treating yourself look like? It might be an at home spa with mani pedis, face masks, and relaxing music. It might be a day spent in bed cuddled up with your dog or connecting with a new friend! If you are leaning in to your needs and treating yourself from that place, you are on your way towards recharging those depleted batteries. Take care of your amazing self! 

How do YOU Recharge?

Remember, you can’t pour from an empty cup. In order to be a good partner, coworker, friend, etc, you must treat yourself right first. Self-love is dynamic and is made up of daily actions that keep us growing. Your journey towards self-love is a totally unique formula that is individual to you. Recharge those batteries because YOU DESERVE IT! 

Have questions or want to chat about self-love? Let's connect and recharge those batteries together! Leave a question or comment below, or reach out to us directly at

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