4 Ways to Stay Sane While Working From Home

Those who know the joys of working from home (pajamas from the waist down, your dog snuggling at your feet, unlimited snack-time without judgment) also know the pull of procrastination, stress and lounging on the couch. Many have had to switch from in person work to WFH (working from home) in the last year. Working from home often blurs the boundaries between work and personal life, leaving no distinction. So, how do you stay sane while WFH?

When your work and home life are blended, you have to try a little harder to separate the two. In this article, we dive into four ways to stay sane while working from home to maximize energy, focus and stress relief!

1. Stick to the Schedule

Without external reminders, it is easier to drift from your work schedule. Try to come up with a daily schedule that works for you. Some need a formal and strict schedule, where other remote workers thrive with a looser to-do list. Play around with what feels best for you! One advantage of working from home is that you can cater your schedule around your personal needs and strengths. 

Morning routines can be a helpful addition to your daily schedule. Here’s an example of a weekly morning schedule:

  • Wake up at a set time.
  • Make tea or coffee and have a little “me time.”
  • Take vitamins + Vena’s Rise and Shine Capsule for an extra boost.
  • Make breakfast and get dressed for the day (maybe you keep your pajama pants on, maybe you wear jeans today!)
  • Do a short meditation 
  • You’re ready to work!

2. Focus on Focusing 

There is a fridge full of food, an Instagram ready to scroll, and a couch inviting you to lounge. Focusing while WFH is NOT always easy! We all need different things to stay focused. A few ideas below:

  • Set boundaries with people you live with so they know when you can’t be interrupted.
  • Carve out times to take little breaks throughout the day to reset. 
  • Close non-work related tabs and try to put your phone away (if you are using it for something besides work). 
  • Consider incorporating CBD into your wellness plan to support a clear and relaxed mind while restoring balance to a chaotic day. Not sure which CBD method is best for you? Figure it out here

3. Carve out a Space

Where do you work at home? If you have a home office the answer is pretty obvious but that doesn’t pertain to a lot of us. You might need to get creative! A little nook under your stairs? Empty out a closet that you don’t use? Keep these considerations in mind when looking for the right space:

- Quiet. Ok, this one isn’t always easy if you have a house full of people but try and find a space where you can take a call with out 

- Comfortable. Can you say ergonomic chair!? Make sure you are physically comfortable in your WFH setup. Maybe you try a standing desk or get a new yoga mat to take stretch breaks throughout the day. 

- Convenient. Make sure you find space that makes sense for the work you do. Is there a good internet connection? Can you fit all of your needs?

One more tip: don’t work from your bed! Trust us on this one. 

4.  Find time for Self-Care

Research has shown that stress has negative effects on cognition, attention, and memory. It is difficult to maintain focus while stressed! Make sure to schedule self-care time throughout your day. Maybe you go on a walk during your lunch break? Take a bath right at 5 pm to mark the end of your work day? We love bathtime with calming chamomile soaking salts or indulging in our decadent CBD dark chocolates (which are quickly running out of stock so, hurry!). Lean in to whatever self-care rituals feel best and lead to a more relaxed state!

WFH can be FUN 

Adjusting your expectations is important, especially if you are new to the WFH club. If it takes time to adjust your routine and stay productive, give yourself a little grace. While working from home can be challenging in some ways, it can also lead to inventive ways to find time for yourself and create a healthy work/life balance. Make the best of it by setting a routine, avoiding distraction, and focusing on balance. We believe in you!

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