How to Focus Through Distractions (While working from Home)

The kids are screaming, the laundry machine is beeping, your electrician needs a check and your zoom meeting starts in 5 minutes. Sound familiar? You must be working from home! 

While working from home may be a homebody’s dream, distractions are nearly impossible to avoid. A University of California Irvine report found that it takes an average of 23 minutes 15 seconds to get back to a task following an interruption. That’s a long time to get back on track and could seriously throw off your work productivity.

Staying focused while working from home can be difficult, but with a little restructuring and perseverance, you can become more effective and productive. In this article we offer ways to get past distraction and maintain focus and productivity while WFH. You got this!

Schedule to your Strengths 

Keeping a schedule is a HUGE help when trying to focus through distractions. If you work 9-5, try to keep to these hours. Some remote workers might not have strict hours and can create a schedule around their personal needs and strengths. Are you an early riser? Schedule calls or important work for the morning. Or are you more of a night owl focusing better in the afternoon? Create a schedule that makes sense for you and plays to your strengths. Sticking to a schedule will help minimize the want and need to veer off path, even if the tv is calling!

Have a Dedicated Workspace

Not everyone has a home office but where you work from affects productivity. Whether you have a spacious office or a little nook out of your kitchen, make sure to create a dedicated work space. Choose a quiet space with as limited distractions as possible. Remember to consider comfortability! A high quality office chair is a great investment if you’re going to be sitting at your desk all day and get through a project. Once you designate your space, bring it to life with art, plants or whatever else that will make it a more pleasant place to be. 

Fight the Urge to Multitask

You’re writing an email and out of the corner of your eyes you see a pile of dirty laundry. What do you do? You might think you can do both but instead of splitting your attention (and most likely getting sidetracked), try completing tasks one at a time for efficiency. Take a deep breath and finish that email! Some are better than others at multi-tasking but working from home adds even more potential tasks to your list. Focusing on one task at a time will help make working from home more manageable. Who doesn’t love crossing something off the to-do list?

Establish Boundaries

Establishing boundaries is very important for our mental health and can be just as powerful for  remote working! Setting boundaries while working from home means establishing boundaries with yourself, with those that you live with, and your coworkers. Setting crystal clear expectations for your work day is crucial as you manage your productivity and focus. Your loved ones want to support you - share your WFH boundaries and urge them to help you stick to them. 

Take Breaks

Taking small breaks throughout the day can be extremely beneficial to your productivity and focus. Figuring out when to take breaks and for how long can be tricky. You might have to play around for a while to figure out what works best for you (and what your job allows). 

We recommend an exercise break - get that body moving, endorphins flowing and natural energy surplus! Another break you should most definitely take: a lunch break. Close your laptop and enjoy your lunch. Though it feels counterintuitive at times, taking breaks allows us to breathe, decompress, then reflect and get back to work. 

Know What Distracts You

Are there ways you can limit distractions from your work space? Only you know what distracts you. If you know a dirty kitchen will distract you all day, make sure to clean your kitchen in the morning before beginning your work day. Notice the things that cause you to become sidetracked and begin making small adjustments to eliminate or lessen them. 

Close Non-work Related Tabs

This includes social media! A quick scroll on instagram or some online shopping can lead to a total time suck and throw off your work game focus. Try to stay off social media and non-work related sites during your allotted work time. If you need to blow off some steam, surf the net during your scheduled breaks. If social media is a problem, try an app that limits your screen time or putting your personal phone in another room.


We all need a boost sometimes. Incorporating CBD into your wellness routine can aid your body in its natural quest towards focus and balance. Which you could probably use a little more of if you work remotely! Introducing our CBD oil tincture or CBD gummies into your daily routine can help you go about your work day feeling mindful and focused.

Getting Back on Track

We know it’s impossible to totally eliminate distractions while working from home. But taking steps to focus through distractions can be transformative for your work/life balance! One of the greatest benefits of working from home is the freedom it allows. If you work diligently on eliminating distractions, you might find that WFH can bring freedom, less stress and more focus! 

Do you have a go-to tip that helps you focus while WFH? We would love to hear it! Leave a question or comment below, or reach out to us directly at 

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