How to Deal with Everyday Aches and Pains

Persistent aches and pains can make it difficult to enjoy everyday life. They are also totally normal! Things like sitting down for too long each day or constant stress can bring on physical discomfort. Whether you are new to experiencing body aches (hello, getting older) or you’ve lived with it for years, there are many steps you can take to help bring relief. 

Whether it’s a headache impeding productivity or sore muscles after a strenuous yoga class, discomfort in any form can make us feel like we’re off balance throughout the day. In this article, we cover why you may be experiencing discomfort and offer at-home care to get you back to balance.

Why Does My Body Ache?

Aches and pains may be the symptom of many conditions. Because there are so many possibilities, the actual cause of discomfort in your muscles and joints can be difficult to pinpoint. When pain develops over time or isn’t the occurrence of an obvious injury, you might need a more thorough assessment of what is wrong. 

Sometimes, discomfort might have a quick fix but pain in the body could potentially be the sign of a more serious cognition or ailment. A few causes of discomfort include stress, dehydration, cold or flu, lack of sleep, Vitamin D deficiency, Chronic Fatigue or pneumonia. Make sure to contact a Doctor if the pain persists and doesn't seem to be improving after trying at-home care.

How to Ease Discomfort 

There are many ways to relieve aches and pains that don’t involve medication. The best treatments are the ones that suit your lifestyle and you can commit to sticking to. Consider a combination of a few of the at home steps found below to bring relief and restore balance in the body. 

Gentle Exercise

Being totally inactive can actually worsen discomfort in your muscles or joints. Research shows that exercising is an effective way to manage pain. Regular exercise (including stretching!) can help strengthen and lengthen your body's muscles, often reducing pain. Start by incorporating more gentle movement into your days like water aerobics, beginner yoga or long walks. 


If there is a localized area of discomfort, ice and heat can help alleviate your symptoms. For more immediate relief to aches and pains, try a hot-cold approach. Heat helps increase blood flow, which relaxes sore muscles and ice will reduce muscle inflammation and speed up the healing process. Apply a hot compress to the affected area for about 20 minutes then switch to an ice pack for the same amount of time. Try Vena’s CBD Cooling Cream, a topical remedy including CBD and cooling agents to provide wide-ranging relief to sore muscles. 

Sleep Well

Ok, you might think we are obsessed with sleep but hear us out! There is an unquestionable link between pain and sleep. The National Library of Medicine found that fragmented sleep, short sleep quantity, and poor sleep quantity causes heightened sensitivity to pain. Getting good sleep is important for managing pain and promoting healing within the body. We know adopting good sleep hygiene isn’t always easy. We got you! Check out how to improve your sleeping habits here.

Warm Bath

Taking a warm bath allows for a full body release because all of your muscles are warmed and relaxed. Not to mention, you can have a total spa day without having to leave the comfort of your home. Try our calming chamomile soaking salts if you are in need of some added tranquility. Our soaking salts can be added to your classic bath to help relax the tense areas and sooth your muscles, joints and bones. Don’t have a tub? No worries! Showers can be just as beneficial and sometimes the pressure of the water can feel like a much needed massage for sore muscles. 


Our bodies contain a system called the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which helps regulate functions like sleep, pain, and immune response. Studies have shown that CBD interacts intimately with the ECS and as a result is a promising method of easing discomfort. In combination with your daily health routine, introducing our CBD gummies or CBD oil tincture into your daily routine can help you find and maintain your feeling of balance when aches and pains are disrupting it. 

Say Goodbye to Aches and Pains 

Like every aspect of whole body health, there isn’t one quick fix to heal everyday aches and pains. Relieving discomfort is a constant work in progress. When you stay on top of managing discomfort in the body and seek help when needed, you can prevent most aches and pains from settling in long term. It’s important to listen to your body and stay balanced on a daily basis. Taking the time to tend to your health will benefit every aspect of your life. We are here to help!

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