CBD Cream - What Is It & How Does It Work?

What is CBD Cream? 

Fresh out of the shower you go, straight to the bath mat to begin smothering a hydrating body cream all over – ah, what a feeling. Or perhaps, you turn to a minty-cool pain-relieving cream for your knee that aches no matter what, whether you went for a jog that day or barely moved an inch from the couch binging on a new show (hey, we all do it.) CBD’s rapid and widespread popularity has brought with it a variety of CBD-infused creations.


Even more so, the federal government passing the 2018 Farm Bill that legalized hemp-derived CBD products under regulation of the Food and Drug Administration has resulted in an explosion of CBD-infused products in the health and wellness market. You can find almost anything infused with CBD at this moment in time! However, various types of products are used for different reasons – one of the most popular being CBD creams.

So, what is a CBD cream? A CBD cream is a kind of topical product that is applied to the skin in order to reap the benefits. Other kinds of CBD-infused creams, or “topicals,” include lotions, salves, and patches that are also absorbed by the skin. Put into the easiest terms to understand, a CBD cream is a cream that is infused with CBD. The CBD that is used inside of a CBD cream can be CBD isolate, a distillate with CBD and other cannabinoids, or a broad or full-spectrum oil that will contain many more of the natural compounds of the hemp plant. However, in products that contain CBD in any other form than CBD isolate, THC may be present.


At Vena, we are proud to use only the purest, isolated form of CBD, as it guarantees the presence of absolutely 0% THC in our products. We realize how important it is to us, as humans, to trust that a company is being transparent and honest with us. Each product at Vena is third-party lab tested to ensure our clients are being provided with only the purest, high-quality CBD – and we share all of our products’ lab results on our website so you can take comfort in knowing exactly what is inside of your product. 

The Uses of CBD Cream 

Now that we’ve learned exactly what a CBD cream is, what is used for? Similar to regular creams, lotions, and salves, CBD creams can be used and made for different purposes. On the market, you will discover products like CBD-infused creams with oatmeal or honey that are mainly meant for hydrating and relieving skin conditions, such as eczema or psoriasis.


However, another highly popular form of CBD-infused cream found in the market is used to soothe and relieve pain. Topical CBD creams with naturally cooling ingredients like menthol are a dedicated favorite of athletes, professionals, and those who suffer from aches or joint pains. Vena CBD Cooling Cream contains 99%+ pure CBD isolate, and works rapidly to cool down and relieve inflammation where it is applied on the body.


One characteristic of a CBD cream like Vena’s Cooling Cream that makes it a preferred product form is because of its ability to pinpoint targeted areas of application. Essentially, if you have a spot on your back that aches, sore knees, wrist pain or beyond, a cream like our Cooling Cream puts the control into your hands – you apply it directly to where you would like relief. 

Using a CBD cream provides you with more control over relieving a targeted area, contrary to the nature of taking a CBD tincture like Vena’s CBD Oil Tincture. A CBD oil tincture, enjoyed by consuming sublingually, is absorbed through digestion and begins working internally throughout the body – perfect for overall wellness, improving sleep, and relieving stress. While pain relieving benefits exist from ingestible forms of CBD like oil tinctures or gel capsules (such as Vena CBD Gel Capsules), a topical form of CBD packs a potent and concentrated punch of benefits in a targeted area, putting the user in more control of issues like sore muscles or joints. Regardless of the type of CBD product you choose as your avenue to enjoy CBD’s benefits, the most essential make-or-break factor is that it is high-quality CBD. Taking the time to research a reputable company before purchasing a product and viewing their lab results will prevent you from having to experience the inconvenience and disappointment of low quality, low efficacy CBD products. 


  • Posted by Michelle on

    When CBD was suggested for my achy knees, my SIL said “just make sure you know who you’re getting it from, not all CBD is the same” she sang praises about Vena and who she knows that uses Vena and for what. I absolutely love your cooling cream and am amazed at how well and fast it works. So much so that I’ve purchased some for a friend who suffers with PA, and has a very sore back. She also is hooked. Thanks for your wonderful products.

  • Posted by Gail Nelson on

    Bought the 750 mg cooling cream for myself and my mother. Both of us have arthritis. My mother and father LOVE the cream and said that it works better than anything around. I back them up on it. I have tried salon patch, tons of creams, and this works great. I put it on before bed and when I wake up. I have no aches and pains for the day. Thank you.

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