Will CBD Show Up Positive On a Drug Test?

The use of CBD has skyrocketed throughout the United States and the world, as many consumers report increased focus and relaxation benefits. With the continued use of this miracle product, many customers as us, will CBD show up on a drug test?

The short answer is no, but it is a bit more complicated than that. We delve into CBD drug tests, what to do if your workplace tests you, legality, and full-spectrum vs. broad spectrum to help you make the most well-informed personal decisions.

CBD and Drug Tests

Commonly, CBD is not tested for in drug screenings. While it is hypothetically possible that the CBD compound could be tested for, it is not included in any traditional drug screenings because it does not cause any physical or mental impairment. The World Health Organization corroborates this statement. CBD therefore is not screened for in drug tests, because it doesn’t cause impairment.

Many ask, will CBD get me high? If the product is solely the cannabinoid CBD, without the addition of THC, then no, it will not get you high. Where the line gets blurry is when there is THC in a CBD product. This ultimately comes down to the transparency of the brand you consume. In many cases, there can be THC in CBD Oil. Consumers need to look to their brand of choice for clear, upfront information regarding their products. 

Can I Take a Drug Test with CBD?

You can take a drug test while using CBD, but make sure to check the origin of your product. If your product contains any THC, it is possible that your test may be returned positive for THC.

The origin of your CBD products is so important for this reason specifically. There are two reasons CBD may have THC in it, and therefore alert a drug screening for the presence of THC:

  1. THC is intentionally part of your full-spectrum CBD product. Your product will explicitly state if THC is a part of the  product.
  2. Trace amounts of THC remain in your product, or your product is mislabeled.

High-quality products with a certificate of analysis, will tell you exactly how much, if any, THC is in your product. Your best bet is to find these high-quality products with broad spectrum CBD, tested to ensure no traces of THC. Vena CBD has a top tier line of no-THC products inducing  gel capsules, tinctures, and creams.

Is CBD Legal for Drug Tests?

If you take CBD, it is no problem at all to undergo a routine drug test. Before you take the test, make sure you confirm which type of product you are using, broad spectrum, or full-spectrum. Broad spectrum products contain all the natural chemicals within the cannabis plant, including terpenes and cannabinoids, with the exception of THC.  These products are isolate-derived, for the CBD molecule. Full-spectrum products contain natural chemical compounds  including both CBD and up to .3% THC.

Ultimately, a pure CBD isolate product, with a proven certificate of analysis, will not show up on any form in a general drug test. CBD with THC, or CBD from brands who do not transparently disclose their lab results, may show up on a drug test for trace amounts of THC.

This is why we recommend CBD isolate products if you may be required to take a drug test for any reason at. CBD isolate products include: gel capsules, tinctures, and creams. Taking a drug screening, whether it be for work or personal reasons, is a serious situation, and it remains important to be fully informed about your CBD-product before you use it. If you have more questions about CBD products you can ask a friendly customer care associate at Vena.
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    Is it possible your thc free products show up on a drug test? I was told my drug test came back positive for marijuana and it’s being sent to a lab now. I let them know I don’t use thc. Is it going to come back thc even though it states on your bottle thc free or could it be a false positive?

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